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Selling Your Rolex Watch

So you have decided to sell your Rolex watch, maybe you don’t wear it anymore, need to buy a new car or perhaps your wife has better ways to enjoy the money that is sat on your wrist either way it’s got to go. Firstly gather everything you have, box, paperwork. purchase receipt and make sure you have everything together. Any respected dealer is going to ask you the following questions.

  1. Whats the make and model? (they will also ask for the model number if you know it)

  2. What age is the watch?

  3. Do you have the orginal box and paperwork for it?

  4. What dial does the watch have, colour, precious stones etc?

So make sure you have all this information to hand.

The next round of questions could also include.

  1. When was it last serviced?

  2. Does the glass have any chips or scratches?

  3. How long have you owned it for?

  4. Where did you purchase the watch from?

The above questions will give the dealer a better understanding of the watch, it’s condition and a little bit about its history. Somethings at this point we may ask additional questions should anything not add up or if we are happy then proceed with an offer (subject to a full inspection of course)

If both parties can reach an agreement on price, arrangements will be made for the watch to be inspected, you will be asked proof of ID and finally the payment is made and everyone is happy.

Its important to be honest about the watch and it’s condition, as for me there is nothing worse than having to go back to the seller and say the dreaded words “I’m really sorry but we can’t offer the price we agreed”. Fortunately this doesn’t happen very often as we try and ask all the right questions and often ask for images also.

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