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All of our watches are inspected, tested and then serviced and polished if required by our highly skilled and trained watchmakers.

The condition of our watches when ready for sale are amongst the best available both online and on the high street, we invest a lot of time and effort to ensure this.

Our service procedure:

We begin the process by removing the bracelet from the watch case.

The case is opened and the movement is taken out

The case is then fully disassembled by our fully qualified and experienced watch specialists. 

The movement is completely dismantled and each part is ultrasonically cleaned

The watch is ready for parts assessment.

Our watchmakers study the parts and replace any components that require replacing

Each moving part is then lubricated using specialist lubricants to ensure the smooth running of the watch and prolong its life and accuracy 

The movement is then tested and adjusted to meet the required accuracy

After being carefully cleaned the case and bracelet are inspected and then polished to maintain the sharp edges and factory feel

The case is then put back together and any seals replaced

The watch is then pressure tested to ensure its water resistance

The watch then has a final check visually and is electronically tested

The watch has now completed its full service and is covered by a 12-month mechanical warranty, this does not include any damage or wear caused by accidents or mishandling.

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