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Selling your Rolex needn't be a stressful and potentially expensive exercise if you take the following into consideration.

Firstly we all know the saying, if its too cheap then its too cheap for a reason. The same in reverse works for watches, if the offer is higher than everyone else, then its higher for a reason. This reason is normally to get you and/or your watch through the door as its much easier to knock the price down once you have been through the process of getting your watch into them. We will ask the right questions before we make an offer as the price we offer is the price we intend to pay. 

Here's a list of reasons dealers will use to knock the price down on your watch so if you make these clear before hand you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

When was the watch last serviced?


If the watch is under 5 years old this isn't an issue as it should be running correctly and will be under warranty, however if needs to go back to Rolex under warranty this can take up to 12 weeks so the dealer may still want a discount. If the watch hasn't been serviced in the past 5 years or is not running correctly then this can cost from £300-£1000 depending on the model. The dealer can check the health of the watch on a timegrapher.

Does the watch have any damage?


Deep scratches or dents to the watch case or bracelet may need laser filling or in some case may not be able to be removed at all without damaging the watch.

Chipped or scratched glasses mean that the watch will have to go back to Rolex for a new glass and this is only carried out as part of a service so again can prove to be rather costly.

Is the watch bracelet a good size?

Links can cost from £60 - £1200 each.

Do you have the orginal box and papers for your watch? 

Not having the orginal box and papers makes a big difference, a replacement box normally costs between £100-£200 if missing. The orginal Rolex warranty papers hold a lot of value and if missing can make a difference from £500- £2000 depending on the model, Some dealers won't buy the watch without the orginal papers or proof of purchase.

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